Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Duchess Again

Couldn't resist showing her off again. Here is my darling Triumph Herald parked in front of Lissadell House in County Sligo. Lady Gore-Booth used to wave to me when I visited and let me park the car in the front because it suited the house. I loved going there, to see the paintings by AE and the room where Yeats stayed. I know people were upset that the Irish government didn't buy the house when it came on the market; but I'm glad that a family lives there and that children are running up and down the big staircase once again.


Michelle said...

There is nothing more fascinating that the sound of children's laughter in a house. I always wonder what mine are up to when the house is quiet. It can't be any good, that's for sure.

OR Melling said...

And when your teenagers are quiet you really have to worry. (Unless they are plugged into their music, of course.)

Michelle said...

Very true...and how many times a day do I bless the man who invented the IPOD that saves me on a moment by moment basis. Of course, that is only because her taste in music and mine are not the same...LOL. So we would have dueling cd players going off in the house without them. (That's enough to send my husband outside...poor man, he's surrounded by estrogen laden females. Even his dogs are female. He cannot escape us.)