Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Narnian Dreams

When you've been, ahem, around for a while, you simply assume that all your favourite childhood writers and artists have already left this world. Not so, one of my most cherished of all time: Pauline Baynes, the creator of the original - and best- illustrations for The Chronicles of Narnia! Of course she has done oodles of other things, including artwork for JRR Tolkien, but it was those pictures which I loved and still love the most: Susan with her pigtails, Lucy's dresses, Puddleglum, the beautiful but deadly Green Witch, the giants of Harfang, the Dawn Treader, handsome Prince Caspian, the moles making mudcakes, the dwarfs frying mushrooms, glorious Cair Paraval, even more glorious Aslan ... Well, you know them all; the big ones that take up a full page and the tiny ones that go at the front of each chapter. And here she is, dear dear lady, working at her desk in her English cottage. That's Martin Springett visiting her. And soon I shall too!!! Ah, Narnian dreams come true.


Sabrina said...

I don't think your photos worked. At least they are showing on my computer!


Sabrina said...

Oops! I mean at least they are not on my comp. Sorry

OR Melling said...

Hmm, that's strange. I can see them clearly on mine. Anybody else missing the pic's?

Sabrina said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I can see them now...maybe it was just me. Sorry!

Michelle said...

I can see them! How I wish I could be a fly on the wall and go through all those books. I would promise to be very good and not make a sound.