Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Green Man

Keep meaning to blog this amazing mythical and magical site: Wait till you see the two leafy heads with the moving eyes. It is quite obviously "a labour of love to comfort noble hearts" (Gottfried von Strassburg, 13th c. author of Tristan), run and staffed by all sorts of eccentric odd sods and bods. i.e. my kind of people. Do have a look. They have recently reviewed The Hunter's Moon and The Summer King (see 'What's New') and there's a great piece on Ray Bradbury's latest chapbooks (I wish ...). I'm reading that dear man's Zen in the Art of Writing at the moment, along with Charles de Lint's Widdershins. I adore both these writers. Oh and I am NEARLY finished the final edit. A quick read-over tomorrow and it will be done. And guess what. It is 47 chapters!!!


Bernard said...

Curse you for reading Widdershins before I do! I could've gotten it during my trip to Stratford, but no, I had to get Waifs and Strays...*grumble*

OR Melling said...

I read Waifs and Strays in galley proof form. (Bragging) There's a really good vampire story in there. De Lint loves Buffy. Me too.