Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Cave at the Glen of the Downs

Dana heaved a sigh, scuffed the ground with her feet. And to make matters worse, by the time the cookies reached her, the packet was empty.
Billie caught her eyeing it ruefully.
"There's more in the cave. Help yourself."
She didn't need much encouragement. Dana loved nosing around in the clapboard shack where they kept their supplies.
(from The Light-Bearer's Daughter)
Now that I have finished the re-write of the book - yes, Elvis has left the building, on her final journey to the printer, wish her good fortune! - I am taking down the visual aids with which I cover my walls as I work. Here's an old photo taken with an old camera (I will buy a digital this year!) If you squint enough, you may be able to see that the man in black has a green leaf on the brim of his hat. Who is he? Hmm.

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