Monday, January 22, 2007

Short Story Competition

Irish Dancing & Culture Magazine - - are sending me the finalists in a short story competition set up with a feature they did on me in the November edition. I gave them the idea of a fairy wanting to compete in the championships. I took a line from the song "The Girl With the Buckles on Her Shoes" which goes to the air of the set dance, King of the Fairies: a fairy dancing to the fiddles as they sing. (When I was 16, I toured Ireland with the Irish-Canadian Choral Society and danced a solo of that dance as the choir sang the song. My claim to fame: I danced for the Irish President, Eamon de Valera, at his official home in Phoenix Park. ) I'll be reading the last five entries, ranking the winners, and offering comments. Normally I don't read anyone's work, because of time and legal restrictions, but I'm looking forward to this.


Anonymous said...

Hello, i'm Emily, and i got 2nd place in that competition! I started the book "The Summer King" and it is great!

OR Melling said...

Comhghairdeas, Emily! I really enjoyed reading the stories. Well done. And delighted to hear you are enjoying The Summer King.