Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Book Divas Interview

Forgot to mention this! On August 8, Book Divas - an American YA site - posted an interview with me on their blog. Go to www.bookdivas.com and click on Book Divas Blog on the left hand side of the page. A few pleasant questions. My favourite bit - if you keep scrolling down - is Adrian McKinty's interview where he says he looks better than his photo, which is a real scream as he looks like someone on the FBI most-wanted list (as he says himself). His pic is almost as bad as my Canadian passport photo in which I look like a prison guard. When I brought it to my solicitor to sign I warned him, "it's bad." "Oh come on," he said, "everyone says that." Then I gave it to him and he went, "whoa!" I mean, it really is bad. Maybe I should post it for a laugh. Whereas, I look quite nice in my Irish passport, real colleeny. I know, I'll post both of them on my regular blog. But it could be illegal to post your passport photo these days.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the web link OR my 14 yr old daughter, whom is the one that told me to read your books, has fallin in love with this site.

She has read 119 books just from May '07 til today.
She loves your books as well as Tamora Pierce and many other yound adult authors.

I wanted to say thank you and we can't wait til we get The book of Dreams and any other books you write.
Thanks Mary and Izzy

OR Melling said...

You're very welcome! And my goodness, what a reader your daughter is. Budding writer there?

Anonymous said...

Yes she is. I think she started writing her " book " at age 9 or 10. She has about 5 composition notebooks filled withe it.

She started reading at the age of 3 so I know she would love it.
Just never thought this much. lol