Thursday, August 02, 2007

Creemore Craftsman

Since I am reworking the chapter that features Creemore, Ontario where Dana's grandmother lives (note: Creemore comes from the Irish croí mór, meaning "big heart") I am going to direct you to a fabulous blog of a local sculptor and signmaker who is also a brilliant bagpiper: There you'll see photos of Shane's magical carvings. I first met Shane and his family when I was visiting a friend who has a cottage in the Purple Hills. On discovering Creemore, I decided it was the perfect place for Dana's family. Then, of course, things spiralled and before I knew it the huge climactic scene of the book was taking place there on Hallowe'en! If you go to Shane's website you'll see loads of his handcrafted signs found around Creemore and outlying towns.

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