Tuesday, August 21, 2007


For those of you have read The Light-Bearer's Daughter, here are some pics of one of the main settings in the book. Lugnaquillia is the highest peak in the Wicklow Mountain range at 925 metres (no idea what that is in feet, sorry) and a fairly easy climb if the weather is clear, which it was, buĂ­ochas le Dia. Headed up there with the Second Sunday group on a third Sunday (hey we're Irish, easy on the rules). Stopped about three-quarters of the way up and sheltered in a stony patch for lunch. I had Swiss cheese sambos, baklava from the farmer's market (yum), a green apple, rice crackers, and a thermos of hot tea. Oh, and chocolate that my sister Pat gave me. It was a great climb. I love getting out in the open. PS Check out the sign. It's a warning against the Irish Army's use of the Glen of Imaal as a bombing range. Just shows the risks a writer is ready to take for their work, eh?.

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