Sunday, September 02, 2007

Nearly There

I have three more chapters plus postscript for The Book of Dreams and then it is done. YAHOO. On schedule, I will have it off by courier this Wednesday. Then it's time to get dug into my new work. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Great job! It's good to see that you're on a tight schedule. I would have a hard time keeping to it. What makes you follow through without wanting to just quit for a while? I get a little bit frustrated easily, but I'm just like that. :)

Anonymous said...

yay! can't wait! U can do it Orla! This book is gonna be onw of the best! well soo far their all good...but I'm literally dying for this 1. dammit why do i have to be an american teenager and not a canadian/japanes teen..then i could've already read it!
well good luck!
~~~Count Pokeula~~~

OR Melling said...

Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I needed the schedule, actually, to keep me from quitting!And, as with all the books, I've made some changes to The Book of Dreams - though not as many for this one. I am hoping the new versions will come out in Canada too.

Michelle said...

Can't wait to read it this side of the Atlantic...*smile*

Anonymous said...

God I can't wait to read it!!!! Before i knew you were writing it I was freaking out when at the bookstore because I couldn't find it!! lol. This'll be weird seeing all of the characters togther in one book, finvarra will be in it right?