Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Im Schatten Des Elfenmonds

The German edition of The Hunter's Moon arrived today. The title translates to 'In the Shadow of the Faerie Moon.' (Nice.) It's a handsome trade paperback, with the same metallic cover as the American edition. Das Buch ist schon. (There should be two tiny dots on that o.) I've already heard from German readers who are very happy with it and I'm sending it off to Finn's cousin Conor in Austria, whose first language is German. (Conor's Dad is Finn's Dad's brother, an Irishman, and his wife is Austrian.) Conor's a big Tolkien fan so I'll get a serious and hopefully good response! Fingers crossed das Buch will be a big seller in Germany, one of the largest book markets in the world. As a fellow writer and dear friend says, 'art for art's sake and money for godsake!'


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I LOVE the English title, but how can anyone help but adore the German title? In the Shadow of the Faerie Moon -- so pretty.

OR Melling said...

The translator was very sensitive, actually, to the whole Faerie ethos.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say I really enjoyed Hunter's Moon!!! It's such a great story. It even made me cry in the end! haha...anyway i hope i get a chance to read all your other books!! Btw I'm supposed to come and visit Ireland with my mom and a friend and I'm so excited!! If you dont mind i would appreciate it if you could email me and tell me what great places I could visit while I'm there my email is

Well thank you so much
P.s. My name is Maya but everyone calls me Mishka however you choose to address me is just fine.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Hunter's Moon, too! It inspired me and my friend who is "very sensitive... to the Faerie ethos" you could say, to take a trip to Ireland to explore once we're both old enough.