Friday, February 29, 2008

The Perfection of the Morning

The rain is lashing against the window panes. I've a turf fire burning brightly. Ah yes, it's a day for writing.


Anonymous said...

I need to tell you before I forget, because I always do, even when it's my favorite blog, I absolutely LOVE you!

And I have a question, you've been saying alot that you re-wrote The Faery Chronicles. Did you re-write the American version only and leave the Canadian version alone?
And why do I have to wait so long in between The Light-Bearer's Daughter and The Book of Dreams?

And just so you know one of the main reasons why I picked up The Hunter's Moon was because it was so sparkly! Then I found out it had FAERIES! So, despite the fact that I absolutely did not have the money, I bought it! AND! I LOVED it.

And I agree, this morning was very beautiful for you. My morning was foggy, so it made brathing awesome!

OR Melling said...

Well, thank you so much! What a lovely thing to hear. To be honest, I think of the new versions as the truest ones, the director's cut as it were. I wanted my Canadian publishers to bring out the news one in Canada but they chose not to. I hope that my UK publisher will eventually bring out the updated versions in Canada. As for the delay in The Book of Dreams coming out, this was my publisher's decision. I think one of the reasons is that the book is so big, i.e. just over 500 pages (involving all the main characters from the first three books). In America's present economic climate this is an expensive book, yet Abrams want to do a big promotions splash for it and also the rest of the series. We are in the final edit stages now, so you will definitely see it Spring of next year. Hmm, did you mean 'breathing' for 'brathing'? Does that mean you have allergies?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I meant 'breathing', and no, it's not because I have allergies, the air was just cleaner than usual. The air in Southern California really sux, especially for people who lived in Oregon for seven years. You can smell the smog here, it's really nasty, and after six years I can still smell it. I really miss the cleanliness of Oregon.
Would you reccomend reading the older version of The Faerie Chronicles?

OR Melling said...

Ah, that's sad about Californian pollution. The air was nice when I was there in the 1970s, especially Big Sur. And Oregon had the greenest countryside I had ever seen outside of Ireland! Yes, I would recommend the Canadian version of The Book of Dreams. I've only made slight tweaks to it. It was the book that made me want to go back and re-write the first three, to bring them up to the same level.