Friday, February 08, 2008

Top Ten List for the Environment

It's out in Booklist, the journal of the American Library Association. Go see: I'm really thrilled that The Light-Bearer's Daughter is there beside Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Some people may be surprised to see a fairy tale in such company, but that is the truth behind this kind of story. It's not just that fairies are nature spirits and therefore ideal spokespeople against our destruction of nature. Fairy tales, like myths, have always been a magical looking glass that mirror the depths of our psyche and the universal facts of our existence and our reality. Indeed, they are ultimately morality tales. And, as Big Bob says in the book: It's no longer a matter of politics or economics. The ecological crisis is a moral issue. It's a battle between what's right or wrong for the Earth!


Annabellie said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations.

Sorry for being some random girl posting all over your blogs. I think I'm a bit star-struck - I get that way with writers I really admire. I couldn't care less if I ran into a famous actor, but when I met Ann Marie MacDonald I could barely speak. So, hence, my constant babbling.


OR Melling said...

Thanks, Anne. A librarian I met in Canada talked about being a "blurker", i.e. hanging around blogs without making comments. So at least you are not one of those!