Sunday, April 20, 2008

Faerie Cake

Stunning confections of marbled cake with layer upon layer upon layer of icing.
(The Hunter's Moon)

As all writers know, you can invent a scene or create a character and sooner or later - sometime, somplace - you may walk into that scene or meet that character in real life. So there I was, at a Green Earth Book Award authors' breakfast in the beautiful historical Poplar Hill Mansion, Maryland, when this vision on a plate was brought out. It is called a Smith Island Cake and it is specially baked in narrow pans. It is also the most scrumptious moist chocolately thing you could ever hope to have melt in your mouth. Gwen would definitely have lost her battle with this one. I sure did.

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Anonymous said...

Oh......yum! That looks scrumdidlyumcious!