Monday, April 07, 2008

The Summer King Movie Trailer (fan-made)

The student film-maker who created this trailer (which I have posted elsewhere on Bookmark) tells me she has changed its link on youtube, so I am posting it again here. Any of you who missed seeing it will be happy to have a look, methinks. It's fantastic!


meg said...

I think that trailer was fantastic. I had the same thoughts myself about your earlier works. Considering what they are making into movies today in the hopes of finding the next Harry Potter series I think yours would make smashing scripts.

Anonymous said...

it was ok...if they really made a movie out of it i have one thing to say...plz dont mess it up like they did eragon..i dont know the terms for director and producer and all that but the author has to have alot of say in the movie..christopher paoloini did not..and the movie was really ruined if you have read the book..but the chronicles of faerie are awsome!! cant wait 4 the 4th one to come out!

Anonymous said...

they used a clip from lord of the rings in the video, which was cool. :D But the original filming (or just clips I couldn't identify) was cool, if not necessarily how I imagine the book. I like the emotion you get when laurel and ian (i suppose) are standing at the cliff. i hope it happens!